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Hi, I am Martin, the one who perpetrated this site.

I was born in 1964 in Hamburg, and built my first model with an age of eight years. A tiny little Messerschmidt Me 262, I guess it was scaled around 1:144. I've built static models until I reached the age of 21. In 1986 I bought my first R/C-model , it was a Tamiya Bruiser.

Admittedly, as an entry it's been quite expensive, but I've earned my own money at that time. And this model fascinated me from the really beginning. In my early years in R/C I've tried several other models, including a Grashopper, a Hornet and the Midnight Pumpkin.

I've noticed very early, that I most catched on 4x4 and monster trucks, maybe due to the fact, that I have driven offroad cars myself. Of course, the family of the "3-speeders", as there are the Hilux, the Blazing Blazer, the Bruiser and the Mountaineer, found a special place in my heart. Because these models has been made the same way like the ones I drove in real life: ladderframe, leafsprings, rigid axles, ...

Now I have a relative considerable collection of trucks, more than I ever thought I would have. But I think everyone, who fell in love with this hobby, will understand that. Problem is with all the vintage beauties you have a lot of work, I guess it is hardly different from full-size oldtimers.

Now I am going to my fourties with long strides, and I still like to occupy with my cars. One day I've been out in the field with one of my 4Runners, where I met a family, and the 6-year-old daughter asked me: "Are you still playing?"

What else can one say?



  I can't think with my heart

  I'll never throw away my toys

  I guess I'll be your man

  Remember this - I remain a boy


  "Boy", Lou Gramm, "Shadowking"