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Kyosho Classic

Kyosho was and is still in direct competition with Tamiya. Although the philosophy of each company differs in several matters. While Tamiya always had an eye at the scale apperance in the past, Kyosho always cut down a little bit in the optics for a better performance. Kyosho always used polycarbonate for their bodies, Tamiya is following these practics more and more in the last 5 to 10 years, therefor they dropped the use of polystyrenebodies significantly.

In 1992 Kyosho released the series 1:9 EP/GP for the modelers market. Remarkable was, that there has been also a Toyota of the Hilux-family, the 4Runner, in it. This model fits in scale and appearance so striking to the Hilux/Bruiser/Mountaineer-family. Unfortunately has this model been discontinued after a good half of a decade. Meanwhile spare parts for this vehicle are very hard to get. Thereupon this model is somekind of vintage, although it has been out of production for only 5 years.

It seems like models with such a high level of realism do not have a real future on the market. Admittedly it is hard to understand, since the sense of modelcrafting is to create a real world in miniature. And this model is realistic by all means.


Kyosho Toyota 4Runner

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