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3-Speed-Trucks by Jaman

Jaman's models are exemplary for the common understanding of modelism in America. Either if it is the stock Hilux with its Blazer-tyres, or the Bruiser chassis with a expertly painted Juggernaut body and Imex G-Hawgs on MThomson aluminium rims. The Tamiya 3-Speed-Models are always valuable in the U.S.A. As well as a restoration project, or as a base for well-devised and colorful creations. The Trucks of Jaman do show this quite destinctively. So the Tamiya "heavy metal" receives the appreciation it deserves. And in spite of the long back dated end of production, one will be able to enjoy these models even in the future.





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All pictures are copyright of Jaman, Westland, Michigan, U.S.A.