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My 4Runner

Here are some impressions of my Kyosho 4Runners.

I knew these models since they were on the market, I recommended one to a friend of me. At that time I couldn't afford to buy one. I lasted until the end of 1999, when I finally could afford my first 4Runner. Today I own four of them, just in time, before they get as expensive as the Bruiser.

The yellow truck is one of my "workbees", the black 4Runner is one of my shelf queens.

The horizontal center row shows two detailed pictures of the chassis.

The picture at the bottom left shows two possibilities to acommodate driving batteries with larger capacity, to get longer runs. One chassis has been equipped with seven cells, each having 4400 mAh capacity, the other chassis has been equipped with two seven-cell-packs in a manner of saddle-packs with standard size. To locate the larger packs, one has to cut off the throttle linkage mount.




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