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My Blackfoot


It was one of Tamiyas milestones. The Blackfoot was the foundation stone of the model monstertruck craze and one of the mot sold r/c-monsters quite generally. And it is the ancestor of maybe the longest production lines of Tamiyas r/c-models.

Like with many other models, I never thought that I will own one of these Blackfoots. Finally the dream came true. It's not that it's a costly model, but samples in good contitions are hard to find these days. This one has been assembled out of three complete trucks and several single bought parts. Nevertheless this chassis is not a hybride, all parts are original Blackfoot parts. Merely the wheels, tires, dampers and ball bearings aren't genuine. OK, the body is from the Super Blackfoot, but an original Blackfoot body is waiting to be painted.

Certainly I made some modifications. The mounts of the dampers on the a-arms, the front body mount and the center mount of the bumper have been bolted trough with long screws, I hope that now the mounts wouldn't crack anymore. I've placed washers under many screw heads to distribute the torqe over a greater area. All aluminium sheet-metal-parts have been polished. The wheels are King Blackfoot Plated Wheels of Tamiya, hex-wheel-hubs for the standard Blackfoot-shafts have to be made. Tires are No.7628 Slicks by Amark Racing Products, they are a nice variety. And since the truck will only see the road from time to time, and will be a shelf queen mostly, it's OK with the tires. Details like coloured wireties keeping red and black the dominating colours on this model.

I still have enough parts to build two complete trucks, therefor I will assemble a runner too. So it's no sacrifice keeping this one here on the shelf. I would have liked it very much owning a truck with a completely chromed chassis, but those parts are very hard to get these days.

As soon as this truck proceeds, I will update the pictures. But what seems to be typical for me: As easy the mechanical stuff is for me, as hard is it to get my rigs painted.







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