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My Bruiser

The one that started it all!

That was my first r/c-modelcar, the Bruiser from Tamiya. This car infected me with a strong virus. Since that time I've been addicted to classic off-road cars and monster trucks.

(Picture 1/3) My first Bruiser today, I guess that it suffered a lot.

(Picture 2) Newly painted and looking like already been out of a bandbox, my Bruiser in 1988.

(Picture 4) The Bruiser compared in size to the 4Runner.

(Picture 5) My remnants today.

(Picture 6) The formerly new Bruiser body on a Clod Buster chassis, just to try.

(Picture 7) My 6x6-monster in 1988, with a 12V-lead battery, it busted the slipper gear and the MSC.

(Picture 8) My second Bruiser, more somekind of a construction site.




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