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My Clod Buster

My Clod Buster undergoes a restoration at this time, since it has been the model with the second largest mileage, of all of my rides. And it hasn't been easy on, like you could see below. Either snow, constructions sites or tall gras, it beared it all with serenity. Nevertheless the bathtub frame has a lot of tiny cracks due to the high stress it had to take and the high age of over 12 Years.

Because of its large tires and the moderate weight, it is no problem running the Clod on snow. The model is running above it, one could talk of somekind swimming. A stunt, the Juggernaut would never be able to, it is too heavy.

I've equipped my model with CVA long shocks and two Technigold motors , and thought it to be very sophisticated, until I found the monster madness at the RCMT Message Board. Compared with the monsters there, my one seems to be tame. But I guess I can live with that.

The pictures below are more than ten years old, they may be not that smashing, but they convey an idea of the joy one could have with the Clod. I will leave those pictures until I got better ones.

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