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My King Cab

As I saw this model for the first time in the Tamiya catalogue, I was really fascinated. I never saw one of these models in the local hobby shops around. It took another twelve years until I finally owned my King Cab.

When I bought my King Cab, the car was looking really beaten. The chassis has been roughly modified in the area of the battery holder, to accommodate larger batteries. The tires were gray and porous. The wheels had turned yellowish, the front wheels had cracks around the bearings due to aging of the plastic. The body is suitable for every day driving, due to its condition.

Due to a lucky coincidence I could get my hands on two new chassis, one of them had been used directly for my truck. Fortunately the other parts of the chassis had been in good conditions. For the wheels and tires I had no spares except for the front wheels. While I was playing around with tires and wheels of a Wild Willy 2, I've found out, how good they fit the truck. You can see the result below.

Unfortunately this truck did only three rides, on the third run it busted the differential spur gear. I was really taken aback, until I heard that this seemed to be a weakpoint with these cars. Now I am looking for some spares, what isn't easy with the Tamiya veterans.




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