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My Midnight Pumpkin

This one has been my long runner, several bodies, different engines, from the stock Mabuchi via the Technigold up to a Reedy Pink Dot. With this model I had a lot of experiences. Just like my Clod Buster this model is even overdue to restoration, but I think I will keep it as a runner and fun model in its original shape.

Maybe I will build a second model as a shelf queen, I guess I have parts enough to do so. In the near future I want to buy some additional bodies for several projects. I am planning a lot, from the showcase monster to the pro-street car. But like someone on the RCMT said before: So many ideas, so little time!

Seeing the net result I can only mention, this car is a simple fellow, and is ideal for a beginner. Good-natured, sturdy, but with enough room to do something for more performance. I've pursued a lot of realsize cars on the street with my Pumpkin. And some dog got jumping from the surprisingly rearing Pumpkin.

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