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My Wrangler

The Tamiya Wrangler is an even impressive model, like the whole Cross Country (XC) series. A quite realistic chassis, with independent suspension in the front and a rigid axle in the rear. These cars look like the little brothers of the large Kyosho 1:9 EP/GP models.

I bought this Wrangler, as it is, on eBay. Like many classic models, a Wrangler good in shape (and this one is mint) won't drop in the price. A fact that I had to find out too, but I guess the model is worth its price.

Since this car is a single piece in my collection, I don't dare running it. My son received a Pajero, that I bought used, as a X-mas gift. We both did some driving to test its performance.

It's a pity, that Tamiya cut down production at the XC-series too. In my eyes a incomprehensable decision. Since especially the Jeep is a real feast for the eyes.




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