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Thor Stromsnes

"Baja Beast" Pictures


This guy you will have to remember! Thor Stromsnes from Andenes, Norway. He has a real feeling for good customizing jobs, just like most enthusiastic Scandinavians have it with vintage vehicles.

Thor is showing two real extremes here. The clean, stockbuilt restauration job, as well as the brilliant, daring custom job. While Thor has stayed pretty close to the original setup with his Mountaineer, on the left side, he created a drastic systhesis of conventional parts and high tech, that I affectionately called "Baja Beast", with the aid of selfmade sheetmetal parts. When Thor built his "Baja Beast", he took care that every modification could be reversed. Every part that had to be modified for the Conversion, has been separately built from aviation aluminium. There remained only a few original Bruiser parts, so to speak of a "hard core", in this "Baja Beast".


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