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Wrangler Winter Wonderland


It's always like a dream for me running my cars in the snow. The last winters haven't had much of a typical winter. But this winter we finally had our "White Christmas" and the snow stayed until the first days of the new year 2002. To the Wrangler in 1:10 I accompanied the Wrangler QD, which I have NIB, and as a used one together with a Midnight Pumpkin QD for our Kids.

The pictures of the Tamiya Wrangler in the snow have been made with the Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 from my department. Despite the fact that I love this camera as a whole, it has some significant weakpoints due to the fact that it is quite aged, since it has been introduced in 1998. Weakpoints that making it diffcult taking pictures in the snow. You can see the results on the pictures below. If I could only afford to buy my own digicam, I would buy a Sony Mavica MVC-FD97. It is based on the same concept but it has a resolution of 2.1 Mio. pixel instead of 800.000 of the FD91, as well as an optical zoom of 10x and in addition to the 3,5"-Drive it offers a memory stick slot. I really like these Mavicas, because they are very close to the concept of SLR cameras. They may be cumbersome in size for many people compared to the modern small digicams on the market these days, but I don't mind that, it may be an advantage considering my paws.







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